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JIMMY BARNES live in Koln 10-03-1994.
That’s all the details I have except it is an amazing soundboard.
Includes artwork. ENJOY!

Track Listing:

101-Lay Down Your Guns
102-Sweat It Out
104-Burn Baby Burn
105-Seven Days
106-Stone Cold
107-Stand Up
108-Too Much Love ain’t Enough
109-Khe Sanh
110-Wheels In Motion

201-River Deep Mountain High
202-Still On Your Side
203-Stand By Me
204-The Weight
205-Driving Wheels
206-Good Times
207-Working Class Man
208-Do Or Die
209-Simply The Best
210-Resurection Shuffle
211-Goodbye Astrid

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The link is still working fine for me.... let me know if there is any more trouble and I will repost.
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