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Jimmy Page
Detroit, MI
October 22, 1988

3rd generation VHS > standalone DVD-RW
simple title menu, songs indexed

My Sony Professional HiFi VHS tape (3rd generation) > Sony SLV-50 VHS HiFi Stereo playback > Video Vox Synchronizer Enhancer > Magnavox MWR 10D6 Standalone DVD recorder 2 hr quality > DVD+RW > rip to computer > torrent > YOU!!!

Video Codec: MPEG2
Video resolution: 720 x 480
Video framerate: 29.970
Video bitrate: 4350 (approx.)
Video format: NTSC
Video aspect: 4:3
Audio codec: AC3
Audio bitrate: 256CBR

When I made my copy of my VHS in the early 90's on the special ultra high grade tape that I bought, I think I used an outboard graphic EQ unit to enhance the sound from my old trade buddy's 2nd generation HiFi stereo VHS tape. He made his copy directly HiFi VHS to HiFi VHS from his buddy's VHS tape that he bought in the mail from the filmer. I don't know why "Who's To Blame?" is edited out of this copy. It was like that on the original source tape that my friend's friend got in the mail. It appears to exist "out there" somewhere because it is listed on artwork that I have collected online. If you have a better and / or more complete copy of this show on video please share it, because it won't be coming out sourced from the master tapes anytime soon. The story goes that the filmer was busted by the feds for also dabbling in video piracy as well as his concert video business, and they decided to make an example of him and sieze all of his master tapes of all his videos for pirating Hollywood masterpieces such as Batman!

00:00:00 (runtime end)
01 intro - my mistress (0:35)
[Who's To Blame? - MISSING]
02 Prelude (2:43)
03 Over The Hills And Far Away (8:50)
04 intro - Liquid Mercury (10:35)
05 Wanna Make Love (15:13)
06 band intros (16:28)
07 Writes Of Winter (20:03)
08 Tear Down The Walls (24:58)
09 Emerald Eyes (29:03)
10 Midnight Moonlight > (41:46)
w./ White Summer - Black Mountain Side
11 In My Time Of Dying (52:57)
12 City Sirens / Drum Solo (1:01:06)
13 Someone To Love (1:06:06)
14 Prison Blues (1:13:50)
15 The Chase > (1:17:00)
16 w./ Guitar Bow Solo > (1:22:05)
17 w./ Dazed And Confused (1:30:35)
18 Wasting My Time (1:35:35)
19 Blues Anthem (1:41:30)
20 Custard Pie > (1:44:20)
w./ Black Dog (1:45:20)
encore break - cut (1:47:20)
21 Train Kept A Rollin' (1:51:40)
encore break 2 - cut (1:52:07)
22 Stairway To Heaven (2:01:41)
edit @ 1:59:59

Bonus track:
Nov 04 1988 (or is it Nov 11?)
Syracuse, New York

Stairway To Heaven (08:09)
(incomplete - Stairway To the end of the tape)

There was still some room on the disc after all the Detroit show was on it, so I added a filler track that was a filler on a Robert Plant 1988 VHS video I got in another trade. The song is incomplete on my video tape, but the sound seems better to me than the complete version of the show on DVD that is circulating.

Some "found" artwork is included. There's a slipcover for a VHS bootleg, and art for an audio CD version of the show. If you are any good at making artworx covers for this disc, please share them in the comments, and if you could email them to me as well that would be great! The included md5 checksums need to be moved into the VIDEO_TS folder in order to work (unless you know how to tell your checker how to deal with that). I looked up the bitrate info with GSpot.

I used the functions of the DVD recorder to make track index points for each "song" in the show on the "master" DVDRW. Using a rewriteable disc allows for some editing and titling to be done. The manual says once all the edits are done that it then finalizes the disc so that it can be copied to a computer and re-rurned to a standard DVD-r (or DVD+r if that's what you need) (were these DVD-RW or DVD+RW anyway??? Hmmm...) so, these files / folders burn fine like any other disc you get here! The "master" rewriteable disc also has this "VIDEO_RM" folder that I'm NOT including. It's the extra data that the standalone needs before it finalizes the disc and is only used during the editing on MY recorder. It's un-needed, but it could be included in a freshly burned disc (because I made a DVD-r with it included and it plays fine). Or not. I don't think it does anything anymore. Your DVD player should ignore that folder. But, it contains a file that is a .DAT file, and DIME has rules against it, so I've definitely got to omit the VIDEO_RM folder and its contents (which are not needed anyhow to make a funcioning DVD disc). I also have all the info and pre-existing coverart inside the "EXTRAS_TS" folder that you should be including in your burned discs to include and embed all the art and info on yor disc with the video!

Again, if you have a better version of this show, please share it! I believe that the master tapes of this show have been "lost" so any good low generational sources are most likely as good as it's gonna get! This version of this show is 3 tape gens down from the "master" (although it's 3 generations made with care!) and there's a bad edit of a missing song. Perhaps someone out there has a tape bought from the taper that doesn't have the edit that this one does? Bring it out! If a colour scan of a VHS bootleg slipcover exists there must be a better source of this show out there, but since I've never seen one shared, I'll put this copy out... Maybe it will make an upgrade come to light!

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
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