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Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
The Bottom Line
New York, NY

WNEW-FM broadcast

Here's an excellent show featuring a very young (then 22-year-old) Joan Jett

01. DJ intro
02. Bad Reputation
03. (I'm Gonna) Run Away
04. You Don't Know What You've Got
05. Wait For Me (The Runaways' cover)
06. Todd Bad On Your Birthday (jumpin' in after the break)
07. Teenage Sex Machine
08. You're Too Possessive
09. Wooly Bully
10. Band intro
11. Bad Lover
12. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
13. Rebel Rebel (David Bowie cover)
14. Shout
15. I Love Rock 'n' Roll
16. I Love Playin' With Fire

Joan Jett - vocals, guitars
Eric Ambel - guitars
Gary Ryan - bass
Lee Crystal - drums

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Joan Jett 1980 - Link KIlled There's a pettern here

Hi All.
The links to Joan jett 1980 are down with Rapidshare killing them. I would recommend copying the concert date and heading out to google to see if their blog search can hook up with a megaupload link for the same.

Rapidshare is routinely killing Doors and Hendrix obvious links and not so obvious ones so, not to start a scare but it does seem as though there is an effort to shut down certian artists concert links. Usually this is not a small deal but only the start of shutting down everything, starting with the most popular ones ($$$) first. I would say to get your most sought after things right away before something unexpected stops it all. These things always start with something. Get your contacts in line and everyone go after something different to trade if the sharing stops.

Best of Luck

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