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Joe Jackson
SOB's (Sounds Of Brazil)
New York City, NY
January 2, 1986
(TapeTyrant Master Series Volume 17)

NAK 300's > Sony TC-D5

Transfer: Master Cassettes > Nakamichi DR-01 (azimuth adjusted) > Sound Devices USBPre2 > iZotope RX 8 / ozone 9 (mastered) > xACT 2.50 > FLAC

01 One More Time
02 Wild West
03 Right And Wrong
04 (It’s A) Big World
05 Fools In Love
06 Hometown
07 Fifty Dollar Love Affair
08 Shanghai Sky
09 Breaking Us In Two
10 Soul Kiss
11 Survival
12 Jet Set
13 You Can’t Get What You Want
14 Don’t Wanna Be Like That
15 Tonight And Forever
16 I’m The Man

Known Faults:
-Breaking Us In Two: first few notes cut

Welcome to Volume 17 of our master series featuring the master recordings of dime member "tapetyrant". The series will predominately feature captures in the Northeast and Southern California areas. We will touch on multiple genres with a strong focus on Jazz Fusion, New Wave and Rock.

Tapetyrant was an active taper in the 1980's and much of the 1990's before, like many of us, hanging up the mics. What he captured during that time is uniformly excellent quality and his master tapes have been safely stored, the first batch are in pristine condition. Some shows may circulate from lower generation copies but most have remained uncirculated until now and have never circulated directly from the masters.

Prior to DAT, the heavy lifting was entirely done by a Sony D5 with NAK 300's and taping was serious business, acquiring the best seats possible and working to keep neighbors in check.

Volume 17 features a beautiful capture of one of Joe Jackson's Big World warm-up shows. Jackson played 16 club shows prior to the recording of "Big World".

TapeTyrant's capture has been shared previously from a 1st generation copy but this should be considered an upgrade for the first time directly from Tyrant's master tape. In addition it has been mastered for optimum sound and all offending audience noise has been seamlessly removed.

Thanks as always to Goody for the pitch confirmation/adjustments and of course continued thanks to "tapetyrant" for doing such a great job capturing these important shows, for reaching out and entrusting me to present his excellent work for all to enjoy for decades to come.

We are indebted to his generosity (tapers don't let those tapes and your hard work get lost to the ages, there are plenty of folks to get in touch with here to help get them out, we're all working to leave no tape behind).

Artwork included.

mjk5510 and tapetyrant

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