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Joe Perry w/Tab The Band
"Three Perry Combination"
Hard Rock Cafe
Times Square
New York City, NY
March 1, 2008

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. Walkin' The Dog
03. Hold On Me
04. South Station Blues
05. Chip Away The Stone
06. Stop Messin' Around
07. The Continental
08. Bright Light Fright
09. Secretary's Day
10. Red House
11. Talk Talkin'
12. CYT
13. Helter Skelter
14. Let The Music Do The Talking
15. Combination
16. Shakin' My Cage

Disc 2

Friday Night Rocks W/ Eddie Trunk
WAXQ 104.3 FM
New York, NY
February 15, 2008

01. Interview Segment #1
02. Interview Segment #2

Joe Perry - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tony Perry - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adrian Perry - Bass, Lead Vocals
Ben Tileston - Drums, Backing Vocals

Killer show by Joe and his two son's band Tab.They rocked,plain and simple.
Played some of Joe's solo stuff, some Aerosmith stuff, covers and 3 Tab originals.Just hearing Combination alone was worth the price of admission in my book.There is a point right after the song Hold On Me,where Joe introduces some people responsible for this charity event.I ending up cutting out that portion because not only did I feel it disrupted the flow of the music,but by also cutting out those 2 minutes I was able to fit the entire show onto one 80 minute disc.I've also included a bonus disc of an interview Joe did with Eddie Trunk 2 weeks prior to this show.I did absolutely nothing to this recording,no eq,no volume boost,nothing.The vocals are a little buried,but that may be the position I was in.Still a nice quality recording in my opinion.

Download this bootleg here

Lots more Joe Perry & Aerosmith bootlegs here:
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