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Hi everybody:

This saturday morning The Metropolitan Opera House broadcasted from NY city the most expected opera of the year, Johm Adam's Doctor Atomic, that we can see at Mexico city at Auditorio Nacional in HD broadcast via satellite, and many other theaters around the world. Unfortunately, there is still no audio version of this opera, commissioned by the Opera of San Francisco in 2005. But in 2007, John Adams premiered a symphonic version of the opera, which is called Doctor Atomic Symphony, a sort of incidental or stage music to be played by an orchestra and not to be singed. It reproduces the most important parts sunged in the opera. So I hope you enjoyed. Its probably that in one or two weeks I can upload a complete version of the opera, if you like this one. I uploaded at my personal page, where you can find many other samples of music: rock, jazz, bossa nova, classical, opera, etc. at
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