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Here's a nice sounding FM broadcast of JF I received in a cassette trade in 1994. There is a version on the Concert Vault that has a couple of extra songs, but this version was recorded live from the FM broadcast. Since it's a benefit show, JF has no problem playing old CCR material. Sample icluded.

** 16 bit / 44 kz **** (CD Version)

John Fogerty,
Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA;
November 26, 1989

'Earthquake Relief' Benefit Concert

01.[03:06] Lookin' Out My Back Door
02.[03:46] Rock N Roll Girls
03.[04:20] Centerfield
04.[00:25] Telethon announcement
05.[03:43] Midnight Special
06.[03:18] Proud Mary (with Bonnie Raitt)
07.[02:15] Bad Moon Rising
08.[02:42] Down on the Corner

Total 23:35

Lineage: FM broadcast > ? > trade cassette circa 1994

Transfer: Sony TC-WE475 > Microtrack II (24/96) > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !


685efb33a2c92993eeb300a8cc4368c1 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t01 Lookin' Out My Back Door.flac
b6dfaac1a0ed7ffafe59ab69834e5776 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t02 Rock n Roll Girls.flac
670c6c25db270ae7b3d7a09dbcb306a9 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t03 Centerfield.flac
21d7a2f2ce1ccd81abaa5b1efeff83e1 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t04 Telethon announcement.flac
5ad1ce3e0599b24a44a2ff821e17a39e *jf 1989-11-26-16b t05 Midnight Special.flac
34e0609efea5e62fb7113c21ab1bd938 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t06 Proud Mary.flac
2bfa2118ccc8893ee0ff40cdd12ff616 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t07 Bad Moon Rising.flac
e484816f8e8a774539b4a91b41aa0fd2 *jf 1989-11-26-16b t08 Down On the Corner.flac

jf 1989-11-26-16b t01 Lookin' Out My Back Door.flac:19c5f300ff6d64ae30a1d9853cbd132a
jf 1989-11-26-16b t02 Rock n Roll Girls.flac:1ea101bc444b259f5c80501d52697b0d
jf 1989-11-26-16b t03 Centerfield.flac:93c9ed5917bf7db1b9256457ee215436
jf 1989-11-26-16b t04 Telethon announcement.flac:364856369199d41be5de1f8d76b860e3
jf 1989-11-26-16b t05 Midnight Special.flac:763526900ea185b38845d7c9537e2d7a
jf 1989-11-26-16b t06 Proud Mary.flac:b1450806f8646179701d54b80c823228
jf 1989-11-26-16b t07 Bad Moon Rising.flac:bd9d37c34e0576abe5b046e89fe3498d

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