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Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Broadcast 1988
with a total of 52 cd's

MP3 320kb/ps
all covers included
Ripped from the Vinyl into MP3

for info look here lennon&first=0&filter=

all cd's download links starting with premiere shows

Please note: every lp is just one MP3 file , Art work is included

PLEASE NOTE numbers of the cd starts with the first 3 Premiere shows ; so show 1 starts with cd4 , show 2 cd5 show 3 cd6 etc etc.

This one I recieved in my mailbox:

Originally Posted by Schizoid
Well just got finished listening to the entire Premiere Show and Parts 1 & 2. All I can say that I'm freak'n blown away with it! The sound quality is great and it's fantastic to hear Lennon's witty voice again. It's as if he's in the same room at times, and you can even hear the needle-drops. Like many, I had missed a lot of these radio broadcasts. So it's cool that I can again relive those moments. THANKS!!!

you're very welcome Schizoid

next will be the year 1989 complete in flac after that in Mp3

Lost with Lost Lennon Tapes

Hey Lypo:
Great posting here brother!
I already had most of these but you have filled the gaps here.
One thing: when I click on the below, I am sent to a site and from there (and I am a long-standing nitwit, I admit) I cannot download #32...or any.
Is it me (likely) or something else?
Any help would be most appreciated.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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