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Hi all, I wanted to know more about the Man in Black 1954-1958, 1959-1962, 1963-1969 and finally the Come Along and Ride This Train boxsets.

Now I know all these probably contain at least 90 per cent of all Johnny Cash's recorded output from the sixties but I also know of some gaping holes that reviewers never seem to catch.

The one I know off is 1969's "The Holy Land" isn't included in the 63-69 boxset even though all the reviewers I've seen who reviewed this including big names on AllMusic claim that this contains everything from 63-69. How can they say that without doing their research and noticing an entire album missing? Then you've got the Dylan/Cash sessions that aren't included either.

Don't get me wrong I think Bear Family have done a great job and these boxsets are far better at containing pretty much everything an artist recorded between a certain time than any other I know off.

It says on the Johnny Cash website that Man in Black 1954-1958 might not contain all alternate takes that appear on other Cash albums and I imagine the same is for the others as well. Although it does contain the majority.

The question is how much of Cash's fifties/sixties output is not included in the 4 boxsets I've mentioned.

For example, I recently discovered "I Shall Not Be Moved" which is a song that doesn't appear on any of the mentioned boxsets and is the name of a compliation which contains recording sessions from "Hymns from the Heart".

Does anyone have a good source that my point to the answers of these question. Or is anyone out there able to answer it?

Thanks a million.
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