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Johnny Marr - Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield, 7th July 2013
[Jodrell Bank Listening For The Messenger]

Source Audience

Track List:

01 The Right Thing Right
02 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
03 Upstarts
04 Sun And Moon
05 The Messenger
06 Generate! Generate!
07 Bigmouth Strikes Again
08 Word Starts Attack
09 New Town Velocity
10 Getting Away With It [Featuring Bernard Sumner]
11 How Soon Is Now?
12 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Remaster Notes:
HUGE thanks to Eric for all his artwork & patience, both much appreciated.
Many thanks to Clownmaster for sharing his recording & all who helped along the way.
Supporting New Order.

"Jodrell Bank Listening For The Messenger" Dream Remastered March 2021.

Do NOT sell this recording.
Freely given to you, so don't charge others.
Support the artist anyway you can.
Original Notes
Sony ECM-719 > EdirolR-09HR > SD Card >WAV > PC > CD Wave Editor (Track split) > FLAC (Level 8) > Traders Little Helper
Recorded by Clownmaster.
58:54 mins.
Not a fan of Johnny or The Smiths but for those who are please enjoy.
Download [2 parts]:

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