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Johnny Mathis
Shea's Theater
Buffalo, NY
April 15, 2018

16 bit version

Taper: Binko
Gear: AT831s > Tascam DR-08
Mastered by }{eywood
Lineage: DR-08 (recording to 24/96 .wav) > USB > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, clap reduction, compression, peak limiting, splits & fades) > Xrecode II (conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (sector alignment, flac 8)

This show was split in half by a comedian who told jokes easily found on the internet. There was no real set break because Mathis talked right up until the comic started, then there was an intermission and set 2. I've removed the bad comedy, but because of the non stop dialogue I really couldn't get a fade-out spot for set 1. I therefore edited this into a single long set.

I warn you: this was a very quiet show. I've done quite a bit of work to compress the dynamics of this to a point where knob-chasing isn't needed.

01 Life is a Song Worth singing
02 I'm Stone In Love With You
03 When I Fall in Love
04 I'm On the Outside (Looking In)
05 Wild is the Wind
06 Shenandoah
07 Let it Be Me
08 It's Not for Me to say
09 Chances are
10 Gina
11 Let it Go
12 It Had Better Be Tonight
13 Two for the Road
14 Charade
15 Days of Wine and Roses
16 Moment to Moment
17 Moon Rover

18 April in Paris
19 Pure Imagination
20 Baubles, Bangles & Beads
21 Stranger in Paradise
22 Secret Love
23 Like Someone in Love
24 All Alone Am I
25 A Certain Smile
26 Wonderful! Wonderful!
27 Betcha By Golly, Wow!
28 You Make Me Feel Brand New
29 Misty
30 Yesterday
31 My Foolish Heart
32 99 Miles from L.A.
33 The Twelfth of Never
34 band intros
35 Mas Que Nada
36 Manhã de Carnaval
37 Brazil
38 You'll Never Know
39 exit music!rGJjhIbZ!MTusLeDjF3YCRzBNWgSFfw
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