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Joni Mitchell -
The White Swan, Leicester, UK;
September 16, 1967

The Couriers Folk Club appearance

recording: on stage microphons
received flac files thru filehoster
thanks mall.....

this reveals some insight on how the tape was done
Ed Bates’ letter to us speaks volumes about the conditions in which the recordings were made:
‘I was present at the Couriers Folk Club in Leicester when they were recorded so I can say that the recording quality is not good. The Sony recorder was used as an amplifier and on some occasions (if someone remembered) a tape was recorded.’

more to read
The Couriers

total time 60:05

Set List:
01) Little David
02) Come to the Sunshine
03) Chelsea Morning
04) The Wizard of Is
05) Both Sides Now
06) Night in the City
07) Song to a Seagull
08) Morning Morgantown
09) Dr Junk the Dentist Man
10) Eastern Rain
11) Circle Game
12) Michael from Mountains
13) Go Tell the Drummer Man
14) I Don't Know Where I Stand

in a former upload this info was revealed
"Thanks to alert DIME-er professor Goody who noted right away that my formerly-seeded copy of this had TAO errors and one burst of diginoise"

( the files i received had all of these imperfections)
I have fixed these.
futher fixes in 2017
fixed tr01 glitch @0.19 = now almost inconceivable
fixed tr03 glitch @0.49 still perceptible
fixed tr04 burst of diginoise @3.55 now gone

lowered the applause throughout the show
raised some songs by up to +2db

a fixed (kind of) reseed by hanwaker to dime 2017-02

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