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Years ago, i started a website and bootleg forum called Rubicon Reproductions. Yes there was a forum hooked up to it, but forums werent popular back then. Funny how the forum didnt take off back then, but now forums are full of bootlegs :) which is good.

If you want Journey and Asia bootlegs. This is going to be the place to be (Eventually for information on all available shows). Site still needs a lot of updating and shows added, but i have over 300 Journey shows and plenty of Asia, so in time this will be a Forum full of shows for Journey and Asia fans.

I used to be the go to place to get info on Journey boots and artwork and we reproduced 100's of shows to sound better, have artwork. So now i created the forum to take the place of the website that was taken down by Geocities due to them not hosting anymore.

Please register, join, participate. Both formats will be hosted, not many shows yet, but a lot more to come.

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