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Joy Division - 1979-03-14 - Altrincham, UK
(Soundboard FLAC)

Bowdon Vale

Soundboard > Unknown Gen tape > WAV > CDR > WAV > Cool Edit > WAV > FLAC

01 Exercise One
02 She's Lost Control
03 Shadowplay
04 Leaders Of Men
05 Insight
06 Disorder
07 Glass
08 Digital
09 Ice Age
10 Warsaw
11 Transmission
12 I Remember Nothing
13 No Love Lost (incomplete)

Thanks to C* and AH for the original tape/seed.

In memory of Anthony H. Wilson, founder of Factory Records.

This seed is taken from a digital clone of the original transfer, not from the remaster seeded here back in 2006. With the recent passing of Tony wilson, the upcoming Joy Division movie, Control and subsequent planned heap of reissues, here's probably the only JD soundboard not to be officially issued, in it's full glory (well, except for the incomplete No Love Lost).

I've been meaning to clean this up for ages. The original had many, many little drop-outs and an imbalance between the channels. This was probably down to the deteriorating quality of the original tape or dirty tape heads. There were also about 200 digital clicks which have all been manually removed. This allowed me to normalise the whole show, track by track to allow playback at fairly constant volume.

You can now hear snare, hi-hats and symbols without the need for further digital enhancement. There is absolutely no noise/hiss reduction so there is still a slight hiss, predominantly on the right channel.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts