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Judas Priest 1982-09-10, San Antonio, TX [Pre-FM]
ALBUM......: Best of the Biscuit
CITY.......: San Antonio, Texas
SHOW.DATE..: September 10, 1982
AiR.DATE...: March 06, 1983



A1 King Biscuit Radio Intro
A2 Electric Eye
A3 Riding of the Wind
A4 Metal gods
A5 Bloodstone
B1 Breakin' The Law
B2 Heading out the Highway
B3 You've Got Another Thing Comin'
B4 Screaming for Vengeance
C1 Living After Midnight
C2 Green Manalishi
C3 Hell Bent For Leather
C4 King Biscuit Ending

The King Biscuit Flower Hour
For Radio Broadcast March 06, 1983
Cue Sheets Scan Included
2 LPs (1 single sided)
Commercials Removed

Runtime: 51m:28s


Link FLAC - Mirror
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