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****Recorded and posted by Rock_forever on :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 . Posted here with permission. ****

JUDAS PRIEST – 1986-09-30, Offenbach, GER/Stadthalle (A Rock_forever analog AUD Master, 16-bit/44.1 KHz, FLAC – 2nd date of the European “Turbo” tour)

Artist: Judas Priest
City: Offenbach
Country: Germany
Venue: Stadthalle
Date: September 30, 1986
Total playing time: 01:39:56 min
Support: Warlock

Source: Analog Audience Master Recording, new 2016 transfer, digitized for the first time

Equipment: Aiwa CM 30 A => Sony Professional WM-D6 C => TDK SA Chrome cassette
Lineage: Yamaha KX-360 Tape Deck => Creative SB ZxR (analog in) => HD => WAV => WaveLab 6.0 => TLH (level 8) => you

Recorded from the floor, left side, about 20 meters away from the stage/PA.

Some volume balancing and some light mastering done but all in all I tried to keep this recording as close to the original as possible. To my personal taste the best quality recording I did from the three shows I managed to see on that tour. Please be sure to check out the samples before downloading.

Encoding/Checksums/Fingerprints created with Traders Little Helper
All mastering / track splitting / fades done with WaveLab 6.0


01) Out in the cold
02) Locked in
03) Heading out to the highway
04) Metal gods
05) Breaking the law
06) Love bites
07) Some heads are gonna roll
08) The sentinel
09) Private property (tape flip…no music lost)
10) Rock you all around the world
11) The hellion
12) Electric eye
13) Turbo lover
14) Parental guidance
15) Freewheel burning
16) Victim of changes
17) The green Manalishi (with the two pronged crown)
18) Living after midnight
19) You've got another thing coming


01) Out in the cold.flac:83a4c311ce387fd57adf6e0c1c441c13
02) Locked in.flac:9d238d277a982a2ed47f40824571d4db
03) Heading out to the highway.flac:8a9e9847719f172a51aab9285fa8677c
04) Metal gods.flac:c1ca157d464b4fb5a08241beba7b2846
05) Breaking the law.flac:62ceaa45387c7829aa66c0c2349c0155
06) Love bites.flac:dd646453f540c564063cdf94d0c44e57
07) Some heads are gonna roll.flac:b040cd6aee273eb5276b9d1caf56d846
08) The sentinel.flac:bf6b6366bbc45e0a194a32a70fee9983
09) Private property.flac:65c105d20289ad153f6d453e98094428
10) Rock you all around the world.flac:c984b2778baf3901ce2360850d2e55d0
11) The hellion.flac:303374ae0b8c501a57599c753ae18565
12) Electric eye.flac:bf54eb1a329a9bdfbb0670a5d16fac44
13) Turbo lover.flac:9f97ceb2e40dc1a7f4ce3f645d5cdacf
14) Parental guidance.flac:06984f41d5e63a59b1a07ff821b18e20
15) Freewheel burning.flac:10661cef4db712bf55a08b2174c99a58
16) Victim of changes.flac:102096a7f63fc2ff1af53bb420a06f31
17) The green Manalishi (with the two pronged crown).flac:e5e404a32c924fda10e764e22374851e
18) Living after midnight.flac:f8bb0eb84303e1664da22d5039282641
19) You've got another thing coming.flac:c9fda4d5d1ac1fe9365f8661ce40828d


Don't know why I am seeding this - must be sheer boredom thanks to Covid. Second night of the European leg of the “Turbo” tour.

The first night can still be found here on the tracker: :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 :: Login

Being a huge Priest fan AND running the Warlock Fan-Club (with some good old Dutch friends of mine) at that time this show/tour was a must.

This show is complete ! Strangely, no "Hellbent for leather" was played that night, maybe due to venue restrictions or a curfew, to this day I still don't know. 5 years later, on the "Painkiller" tour the motorbike was allowed again.

Enjoy !!

Additional notes:
- Personally I don’t care if you convert this recording to mp3 (I would prefer if you didn’t but I cannot stop you anyway) but PLEASE do not trade it that way, keep the trading pool clean and don't sell it, OK ? Thanks !!!!

- There's just one thing I would really like to ask for: please do not upload this show on any other trackers. I might do this myself when I get to it. Thanks a lot for respecting this ! I know this request is SOO pointless……….

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