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JUDAS PRIEST: New Single Posted Online! - Dec. 30, 2004


German Rob Halford fan site has posted a radio-broadcast-quality MP3 of the new JUDAS PRIEST single "Revolution" at this location (zip file, 4.1 MB).

"Revolution" is the first single off the group's upcoming studio album, "Angel of Retribution", due March 1 via Epic. It's singer Rob Halford's first album with the band since 1990's "Painkiller" and was produced by Roy Z, who has previously worked on solo albums from HALFORD and IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson. The set will be bundled with a concert DVD shot in a bullring in Valencia, Spain.

As first reported here on Dec. 13, other songs set to appear on the CD include "Judas Rising", "Deal With The Devil", "Worth Fighting For" and "Hellrider".


"Revolution" Lyrics:

If you think it's over, better think again
There'll be no compromise
Time to hit the power, feel adrenaline
Move into overdrive

Here comes the revolution
Time for retribution

If you think I'll back down or accept defeat
Brace for the aftershock
Take it to the limits, take it to the streets
Give it everything you've got

Time to come together
Living on forever

Get ready for the revolution

It's a revolution
It's a retribution

Something's in the air
Time to change, it's time to change

You better watch out tonight
You better watch out for the revolution

Bring it down, bring it down

I'm sure there will be better on the new album (can I still say album?) The 1st time I listened to it some of the tune reminded me of a bit of a Cheech and Chong type riff :sssh:
Here's hoping they stay away from those small general admission venues and play the big arena as they rightly deserve to.
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