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Looking for thses shows if you can help me out... thanks

Judas Priest
1979-09-01_Uniondale, Ny
1979-09-03_New Haven, CT
1979-09-05_Sprinfield, MA
1979-09-07_Philadelphia, PA
1979-09-10_Hunington, WV
1979-09-12_Knoxville, TN
1979-09-14_Cincinnati, OH
1979-09-16_Louisville, KY
1979-09-18_Fort Wayne, IN
1979-09-20_Evensville, IN
1979-09-22_Chicago, IL
1979-09-24_Milwaukee, WI
1979-09-26_Madison, WI
1979-09-28_Bloomington, Minneapolis
1979-09-30_Kansas City, Missouri
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