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Julian Cope - Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA, 28th August 1987 [Dream Remaster]

Source Soundboard

Track List:-

01 Trampolene
02 Pulsar
03 Screaming Secrets
04 Eve's Volcano
05 Strasbourg
06 Non-Alignment Pact
07 Bouncing Babies
08 Chat #1
09 Planet Ride
10 The Greatness And Perfection Of Love
11 Bandy's First Jump
12 Books / Shotdown
13 Spacehopper
14 Zabriskie Point / World Shut Your Mouth
15 Chat #2
16 Sunspots
17 Chat #3
18 Someone Like Me
19 Reynard The Fox


SBD Cassette Master > Sony TC-D5M > Maxell XLII90 Cassette -> Berhinger UCA200 -> Audacity 44.1 khz -> flac4

From the Teddy Ballgame Archive

Remaster Notes:-

Thanks to who ever sent this to me, sorry for my lack of memory.
This turned out really nice, well pleased.
Great gig, nice recording.
Can't go wrong here, if Cope is your thing this is a must.
For me this period was his best.

Dream Remastered @ Reflecting Sound Studios, Southampton, England, 2019.

Do NOT sell this recording.
Freely given to you, so don't charge others.
Do NOT sell it on Ebay or Ioffer or any other place.
Buy the records/CD's/Go to shows if there are any.
Support the artist anyway you can.
Failure to comply will result in the karma police visiting.
Want to share this?
That is fine all that I ask is keep these notes with your shares, thank you.

Download [3 parts]:

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