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I don't have pics of most of my gear, however two weeks ago I found THE gear i was missing - I received it today and didn't find any mention of it on the forums, so here it is.

The Pick Punch!

Now instead of buying pics, I punch them in my old plastic cards... I managed to get 5 out of one card at my first try although as you can see, some edges are a bit cut.

I'll try to put some pics of the rest of my gear in future posts!


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Mmmh, can't edit my posts :s
here's a more complete gear list ;)


Tanglewood SJ5 NS - Electro-Accoustic

I bought this guitar about 15 years ago, surprisingly it sounds as well as an Ovation, I must've been lucky.
In 2004, I broke the electronics and replaced got them replaced by a better version.

Cort CEC5 BLK - Nylon Electro-Accoustic
I got this guitar about 3 years ago, as I always dreamt of having a "spanish sounding" guitar (Nylon), I chose this particular model because it was Electro-Accoustic and quite cheap.

Gibson SG
Any Angus fan should have one of these, got it for my 18th birthday.

Roland GR 303

This is an old, rare, fantastic guitar unfortunately when I acquired it the midi LPK-1 controller was missing :'( ... I hope one day I'll find one to buy!

Then I have a few cheap guitars which I use to travel. I don't have those here, pics might come later although they are not worth being taken pics of.

My amp is a Kustom II Lead that dates from the 1970's.

A few pedals I use(d). Nowadays, I mostly use the MXR and the Crybaby GCB95.

Sometimes I connect to the computer using a Lightsnake, but I must admit it sounds is only almost OK as long as you don't use effects (with effects, it sounds like ****)

Not really a guitar, but I sometimes use the Roland VA3 as metronome or to accompany me.

Then I've got two uncommon instruments, a self made Didgeridoo, - Very relaxing, like meditation

A 19th century Buson Harmonium, which I need to get fixed - although all harmonium craftsman passed away long ago :s

Ill add to this post if new gear comes in ;)
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