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I just got a DVD of "Albert King - Live in Sweden", that I sent for, in the mail.
What a great dvd it was!
A 1h concert featuring Born under a bad sign, the sky is crying, the very thought of you, cadillac assembly line, summertime, cold women with warm hearts, as the years go passing by and some interview clips with the man.
It's the first live footage I've even seen with albert king except for "in session" with SRV.
I'm a long time huge Albert King fan, and seeing him in concert was great. Picture and sound quality was really good.
Also, I never realized he played with the strings "upside down". I knew he played lefthanded, but I thought he restringed.
I also noted how huge his hands were. Not only had he long fingers, like SRV or Jimi. They were just huge!

Also the footage was from a tv programme produced in my very hometown. A city in sweden of about 70 000 inhabitants.
What are the odds?

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I got to see Albert King playing outside Allentown PA in a small inn, I saw a little add in a local Newspaper about the event, and headed for it on a Saturday afternoon, this was back in 1990, I couldn´t believe I was having a roast beef and right in front of me there was one of the Kings, ( my favourite one, btw), playing some kick ass blues, I´ll never forget that one. His side guitarrist was his grandson, it looked like he was like in his late teens, and believe it or not, he also played lefty with a strato and the strings reversed just as his grandpa! I remember learning to play like that cause I´m also a lefty, but after I discovered how to change the strings I have kept it this way. Boy it was amazing to see that old man on a stool with his pipe, bending those strings, I´ll never forget that gig, and I´ve seen plenty of good stuff, but none like this one.

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I also got the chance to see Albert once, and you're right about his hands, it looked like they just gobbled up the neck of his Vee. It didn't look like he bent the notes so much as he appeared to choke and squeeze them right out of the guitar.
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