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I picked up this 12 string recently. THe first time I played it, it sucked so bad, I felt like I was playing a semi-hollow in a desert after storing it in a freezer overnight.

If you understand what that would cause, you understand the nature of this unplayable beast.

The intonation was so bad, I flashed back to when I played accordian. and then dreamed the accordian buttons were all backwards.

Without further embarrassment, I decided to set the guitar up, at least the intonation, even though the nut was cocked, listing a bit to the starboard side, I wanted to hear it in tune.

Two and one-half hours later, I strapped it on and plugged in.

Suddenly, it was as if God himself came down from the heavens and proclaimed that I would have Power, Tone, Eternal Sustain, Perfect Pitch and even when massively overdriven, all volumes and tones cranked to 10, (11 for Nigel), and maintaining extremely loud illegal decibals, when my hand touched the strings to mute the vibrations, I was pleasantly greeted with complete and utter silence.

Very sweet electronics and tones. It is like running through a high-end choral effect, except even better, through what ever I plugged into, and it was as if the angels came down from Heaven just to enjoy the tones.....until....
I tapped the channel switch and suddenly, I was powering through Psychoman by Black Sabbath and sounding better than the studio guitar tones.
It became my 2nd favorite guitar that first day.

Later, I tried to crack the truss rod, but it was cranked tight and the hex head was stripped.

I ended up breaking the nut, losing a piece between two of the strings.

Tonight, I took off the bridge and tommorrow, I'll go get my easyouts and try to break the rod loose. It is like between a 4.5mm and 5mm.

When people strip the rod bolt heads it really pisses me off. I hate sloppy seconds, but, between this guitar and an '84 Stratocaster I also just got, (this guitar was broken in two, glued back together and a bandaid placed on the front body crack. I think it will hold.

I was going to repaint it and fix the cracked look, but after inspecting it's adhesion, I started likeing the fisrt aid look, and the guy I bought it from said it had better tone since the body was broken and reglued. I'm on the fence on that one until I get to play it.

The strings were rusty, the frets were surface rusted, the saddle screws and springs were rust welded and also the action adjusters were stripped. (go figure).

A replacement bridge was 90 bucks on eBay, but I found a non-trem bridge with the same saddles for 40 and it just arrived this afternoon.

It has locking tuners and roller nut, maple neck (the reason I bought it), the neck is worth more than I paid for the guitar.

But, back on topic, here is the Antoniosta. (also a layout of my new fret, nut and saddle tools)

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