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The Palladium, NYC, NY
December 18, 1977
silver cds - flac
(Live in NY - no label)
Excellent soundboard

This was the second night of the 3 consecutive Palladium shows in December 1977.
(I will post the 3rd night soon, I don't think the 1st night survived.) The
show is not without it's flaws, some choppy edits and the beginning of Cheyenne
Anthem is clipped, but the sound on this is fantastic. I found a photostat of the
bilboard for these shows, included.

Disc 1
101 Incommudro - Hopelessly Human
102 Point of Know Return
103 Paradox
104 Icarus - Borne On Wings of Steel
105 Child of Innocence
106 Closet Chronicles
107 Dust In The Wind (acoustic guitar solo)
108 Lonely Wind (piano solo)
Disc 2
201 Cheyenne Anthem (missing 1st minute)
202 Miracles Out of Nowhere
203 The Spider
204 Portrait (He Knew)
205 Sparks of the Tempest
206 Carry On Wayward Son
207 Down The Road
208 Magnum Opus!AxQwgSZK!RucrqeDtVCZnfVFsCfp0Wg
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