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Tower Theater
Philadelphia, PA
February 14, 1989
Excellent soundboard

I don't remember how I got this, but it was most likely from a pre-fm open reel, which was transferred to cassette, then to cdr. I always thought it was missing the encore, they usually closed the show with Down The Road during this time. (At an earlier date at this venue they closed with Portrait and Down the Road.)

Disc 1
101. Howlin' At The Moon
102. One Big Sky
103. Paradox
104. Point of Know Return
105. The Wall
106. Play The Game Tonight
107. All I Wanted
108. T.O. Witcher

Disc 2
201. Dust In The Wind
202. Miracles Out of Nowhere
203. The Preacher
204. Guitar Solo - House On Fire
205. Carry On Wayward Son
206. Drum Solo
207. Born To Be Wild

Enjoy and stay healthy!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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