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A great boot for Kansas fans. I really recommend it.

Kansas - RetroRock [FM]
Academy Of Music, New York City, NY & Topeka, KS
Date 1974 & 25 January 1976
Source: SB/Probably pre-FM vinyl

Artwork is included.


RetroRock Radio Special:
Probably recorded in 1974 or early 1975
1) announcer
2) Can I Tell You
3) announcer
4) Song For America
5) announcer
6) Bringing It Back
7) announcer
8) 11/8 (Lonely Street)
9) announcer
10) Incommudro

Rock Around America
This probably aired on 1/25/76 but was recorded sometime in 1975
11) announcer
12) Mysteries And Mayhem
13) The Pinnacle
14) announcer
15) Bringing It Back/Can I Tell You/Bringing It Back

Steve Walsh Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Kerry Livgren Guitars, Keyboards
Rich Williams Lead Guitars
Robby Steinhardt Violin, Vocals
Dave Hope Bass Guitars
Phil Ehart Drums & Percussion


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Updated Info

the first part was recorded in june 1974 at the bottom line in NYC opening for canned was a 3 night exact date cannot be known...

i dont know where the academy of music came from..its not there...

yes the show was called retrorock, i used to own the vinyl, but i dont know where it went...i have heard versions of this radio show with some strange onstage banter from robbie that was not on my copy of the vinyl..something about being in NY and and translating lyrics into hebrew LOL...

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now that im heariing this for the first time in amny years, i know for a fact i have heard an uncut bootleg version of this with much onstage banter...i remember it sounding very unprofessional...

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No prob guys
Sorry i don't have it all tho
wish i did
maybe some kind soul will bless us with the whole thing
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