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Ok Kansas promised, here is the first of a few shows that was requested by "jared_juli"
Everything that is needed to know is provided by our friend "Kerilives" from over at Dime.

Thank you goes out to him and I hope you all enjoy


Band: Kansas
Title: "There's Know Place Like Home" DVD rehearsals
Date: 2009-02-06
Venue: White Concert Hall
Location: Washburn University
Place: Topeka, KS, USA

==> Excellent Audience <==

Equipment: iRiver H340 with Rockbox 3.1 & Church Audio STC-2000 with cardioid mics
Position: right in front of the mixing desk
Covers: no
Flac-ed with Flac Frontend 1.7 (level 8)

When you're going to burn to CD I'd make this suggestion:

Disc 1:

01 Magnum Opus - Howling At The Moon / Belexes (1st take)
02 Magnum Opus - Howling At The Moon / Belexes (2nd take)
03 Magnum Opus - Howling At The Moon (last part) / Belexes (3rd take)
04 Magnum Opus - Howling At The Moon (last part) / Belexes / Lightnings Hand (snippet)
05 Point Of Know Return (false start)
06 Point Of Know Return
07 Song For America
08 On The Other Side
09 Musicatto *
10 Ghosts / Rainmaker *
11 Nobody's Home
12 Hold On / Peaceful And Warm (snippet) †

Total time: 60:32 mins.

Disc 2:

01 Cheyenne Anthem
02 Icarus II
03 Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel
04 Miracles Out Of Nowhere
05 Incomudro - Hymn To The Atman (snippet) º
06 The Wall º
07 Fight Fire With Fire / Under The Knife (snippet)
08 Dust In The Wind ²
09 Carry On Wayward Son †
10 Song For America (snippet) ³
11 The Wall (snippet) ³
12 Point Of Know Return (snippet) ³

Total time: 62:38 mins.

* with Steve Morse on electric guitar
† with Kerry Livgren on electric guitar
º with Kerry Livgren playing the grand pipe organ
² with Kerry Livgren on acoustic guitar and Steve Morse on 2nd violin
³ orchestra only


This year marks Kansas' 35th anniversary as a band. To commemorate this they joined forces with the Washburn Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Larry Baird) to do a fully orchestrated symphony show in their hometown of Topeka. There were guest appearances by co-founder and main songwriter Kerry Livgren and now Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse. A DVD / Blu-ray of it will be released early August. The night before the shoot 200 fans were allowed to attend the dress rehearsals. This recording is a condensation of that special evening. The last 3 songs of disc 2 is just the orchestra warming up before the band took stage, so I decided to put them last as an extra. I only removed the dead air between some of the songs to enhance the listening pleasure.


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Okay, I know how to download these to Mp3's in order to listen to them as audio but can someone tell me or point me toward directions that will direct how to download these for video use? Thanks!

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Hi muzicman1961,

thank you very much for your work. Also thanks to kerrylives for that what he have done. Last but not least thanks to jared_juli, who posted the source first.
Great to hear same more songs, which does not appear on the DVD. Very very good quality. I´m thrilled.
Nice weekend to you all.

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can you please re up the Kansas thanks

the Rapidshare links are down can you please reup


wish they had played tomb 19. love that song
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