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iTunes Festival,
Camden Roundhouse,
September 5th 2014

Kasabian acted as their own support band at London's Roundhouse, playing their debut album in full in the support slot before re-emerging after a break for a greatest hits set. With the background showing the artwork to their 2004 self-titled debut, which celebrated it's 10 year anniversary this week, the band first came on stage at 8pm. Breaking straight into album opener 'Club Foot', they then continued to work through the album in order to the capacity crowd, which had seen people queuing down the street to gain access.

Speaking minimally save for the occasional 'thank you London', the Leicester group continued through the likes of 'Processed Beats', 'Reason Is Treason' and a huge singalong of 'LSF' with various coloured lasers emitting from the stage. Singer Tom Meighan left the stage for 'Test Transmission', with guitarist Serge Pizzorno taking lead vocals, before the album continued to its climax, ending with 'Ovary Stripe' and 'U Boat'.

Breaking for 15 minutes the backdrop then changed to a pink countdown mirroring the current artwork for '48:13' which counted down to the band coming back on stage. Re-emerging to 'Bumblebee', the crowd were noticeably more active, starting mosh pits from the beginning. Following his recent run of slogan t shirts, Pizzorno had changed into a top bearing the phrase 'bin bag'. Following 'Underdog', Meighan addressed the crowd, joking "I hope you liked our support band - they were alright weren't they?". Current album track 'Stevie' was given an extended outro, while 'Days Are Forgotten' was interspersed with shouts from Pizzorno to "lemme see your fucking fingers". Meighan then started to chant "Eez-eh" as the song dropped in, while the crowd continued the chant long after it had finished. 'Fast Fuse' followed while 'Take A Bow' was dedicated to the singer's brother.

'Treat' was given a euphoric middle section as another countdown on the screen descended into a drop complete with laser show, while the band finished the main set with 'Goodbye Kiss' which Meighan labelled "a beautiful love song". Coming back on for the encore, they began with 'Empire' before employing another screen countdown for the climax of 'Vlad The Impaler'. Addressing the crowd, Meighan then "thank[ed] the support band, Kasabian" before ending with 'Fire', during which the band asked for everyone to crouch down on the floor and jump up for the final chorus.
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SET 1:
Club Foot
Processed Beats
Reason is Treason
Running Battle
Test Transmition
Pinch Roller
Cutt Off
Butcher Blues
Ovary Stripe

SET 2:
Shoot the Runner
Days Are Forgotten
Fast Fuse
Goodbye Kiss
Vlad The Impaler

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