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Kim Mitchell - "Harpo's Detroit"
Harpo's, Detroit, Michigan
February 8th, 1985
Excellent Radio Broadcast
*** "Akimbo Alogo" tour

Notes: a nice mix of songs from Kim's first solo album (almost in its entirety), and some from Max Webster for good measure.

Slipperman's memories: I saw Kim very early on this tour in London Gardens, London, Ontario (ticket stub included for reference), I paid $11.00 and also on the bill were Coney Hatch and a band named Toronto led by San Francisco native Holly Woods (damned if I can remember who the other band on the bill that night was, but I recall they were also Canadian). It was an awesome night and Kim just killed it (he was 2nd on the 4-act bill).

01 Emcee Introduction - "Hawaii-Five-O"
02 Accidents Of Passion
03 Watch And Be Set
04 Oh War!
05 In The World Of Giants
06 Feel It Burn
07 Kids In Action
08 Deep Dive
09 Rumour Has It
10 All We Are
11 That's A Man
12 Love Ties
13 In My Shoes
14 Check
15 Go For Soda
16 Lager And Ale

Akimbo Alogo is the first full-length solo album from Canadian singer and guitarist Kim Mitchell, released on Alert Records in Canada, and on Bronze Records in other territories, including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan. It includes the only song of his to become a hit in the United States, "Go For Soda", which is Mitchell's best-known song, and has been featured on TV series such as Canada's own Trailer Park Boys, as well as an episode of the popular American animated sitcom, American Dad!. "All We Are" and "Lager & Ale" also received significant airplay in Canada at the time of the album's release and still today.
The original cover art for this album was changed upon its release after the album was remixed and released in the United States in 1985. For the UK, Japanese, and European releases of this album, the cover art was changed again due to the smoking reference, because there happened to be a non-smoking campaign happening at the time.

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