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This is a enhanced version of a original bootleg Vinyl transfer by fasterpdiddy from the Longbeach show that was
broadcast on local radio station KNAC.

BPM speed has been normalized using the original broadcast's BPM speed as a example. Distortion has been removed as best as possible, cracks and fizzes reduced. KISS always played loud and they were proud of this. So distortion is still present as this can't be removed.

WARNING: These songs are enhanced on how i found it at best, they could sound wrong in your ears and right again in others! A headset is required to listen to these enhancements to really tell the difference!

- Necramonium

Show Information:
May 31, 1974
Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Auditorium
Promoter: Pacific Presentations
Other act(s): Savoy Brown (HL), Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Reported audience: 3,600 / 4,400 (81.81%)
Reported gross: $18,000

1. Deuce
2. Nothin' To Lose
3. She
4. Firehouse
5. Strutter
6. 100,000 Years
7. Black Diamond

Covers are included inside the file...

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