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1974-07-16 Baton Rouge, LA (MASTER/FLAC)

Baton Rouge, LA - Independence Hall

Lineage: Mastertape -> DAT -> Cd-r -> Rip and adding of last section -> FLAC
Length: 32 min.
Source: Audiencerecording, possibly master tape but extremely low gen to the very least!
Quality: A- to my ears, but that can be the nostalgia talking.

notes from the original uploader:

A couple of years back I traded with a very nice and most importantly serious trader in the
California-area. He had no special interest in KISS but told me he had contact with the guy
who claimed to have taped Baton Rouge 1974 and naturally asked me if I was interested in a
copy. You friggin believe I was! I got the disc and whether it´s a master or not I will leave
for you to decide, the only thing I can say is that it´s the clearest copy if the show I have
ever heard. You can hear the taper moving around and if you close your eyes you follow him
about in the venue with the changing sound following :) Very nice copy, very nice ambience
and a good KISS-show from 1974.

The only thing about the disc was that it missed the last 38 seconds or so of the Black
Diamond-ending which I took from my old copy to make a complete show. Hence the quality is
slightly worse during that last part.

And this is an audiencerecording, in spite of what many people have claimed over the years.

1. Intro
2. Deuce
3. Strutter
4. She
5. Firehouse
6. 100,000 years
7. Black diamond


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this download is NOT a low gen nor from the master tapes

Sorry, but this is NOT from the master tape nor is it from a low gen.

I taped this and the master tape has NEVER been offered in circulation.

Couldn't you tell that this copy is incomplete?

good luck.......... enjoy what you have without spreading false lineage, OK?
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