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Vienna, Austria 2008
Date: 08-05-12
Venue: Wiener Stadthalle

Recording: AUD
Quality: 9(-)
Menu: YES
Extras: None
Comments: 2 DVD, SylvAce. Single cam about 4th or 5th row on the floor,
stage right. Deuce is intercut with footage from a few other cams on both sides of the balcony
(this repappears periodically throughout the show).
This footage is much lower quality and pixelated like crazy though.
Well-shot considering the location but it is shaky and there are plenty of arms and heads in the way.
Partially shot on screen. Picture quality is excellent.
Audio is courtsey of the trader Black Diamond and it's mostly good
but it is a bit muffled and distorted in parts. The original audio isn't included.
I'm not sure what the guy waving the plastic cup right at the end is trying to accomplish...

Setlist disc 1:
Got to choose
Hotter than hell
Nothin' to lose
C'mon and love me
100,000 years

Setlist disc 2:
Cold gin
Let me go, rock 'n roll
Black diamond
Rock and roll all nite
Shout it out loud
Lick it up
I love it loud
I was made for lovin' you
Love gun
Detroit rock city




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SORRY ;-) you're right. I re-upload
No problem, just wanted to communicate.
Besides the Verona did not have it.
I also have not the in Vienna. When you upload you will download.
Thanks for sharing though week get off a DVD :dance:

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Can you please reupload this one on FF or mega? :) Thanks!
I posted the same show on this forum but this one has much better quality and since I was there, it would be good to have the best available version. :)
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