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KISS - Gardens, Cincinnati OH March 24, 1985 3/24/85 WRATHCHILD REMASTER Bruce's B-Day

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Date: March 24, 1985
Venue: Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 3/24/88
From the WRATHCHILD RECORDINGS collection, but NOT a WRATHCHILD Recording.
Media: FLAC

Source: Tape Trade -> Maxell Low Bias tape-> AVS Audio Editor (see below) -> WAV --> SONY CD Architect --> removed tape flip ---> SONY Soundforge9.0 -> AVS Audio Editor --> Created individual song WAV files --> SoThink Video COnverter--> FLAC > Traders Little Helper (Removed SBEs)-> ZIP -> YOU!

01. Intro
02. Detroit Rock City
03. Cold Gin
04. Creatures of the Night
05. Gene's Baby Story
06. Fits Like a Glove
07. Heaven's On Fire Story
08. Heaven's on Fire
09. Solo Paul
10. Under the Gun
11. War Machine
12. Solo Eric
13. Young and Wasted
14. Solo Gene
15. I love it loud

01. I still love You
02. Nurse Story
03. Love Gun
04. Black Diamond (*)
05. Encore Break
06. Happy Birthday
07. Oh Susanna
08. Whole Lotta Love
09. Lick It Up
10. Rock and Roll all Nite

(*) Mixed with Madison WI 3/19/85

Taken from a tape trade on Low Bias cassette and stored in my hot attic for the last 15 years. This is the famous "Bruce's Birthday Show" where the band sand happy birthday to him on stage despite his birthday being in December.

Both channels on this tape fluctuated so that the right side was muffled and low at the beginning and the left was distorted, as the tape progressed, the right channel ended up sounding better than the left so I kept both where they were and made the following changes:

removed tape flip.
added part of Black Diamond from another show as it was missing.

In Sony Soundforge:
Noise Reduction
Click and Crackle remover

Compression and boosted high end EQ levels on the first part of the right channel to make it less muffled.
Brought down volume on the left channel to ease distorion.

2017 change:
There was an echo effect added that made the entire concert sound better but upon closer inspection, it was messing up/doubling drum parts most noticably in War Machine and begining of RARAN. So I re-mastered and didn't use the effect. This one came out better

NEW WRATHCHILD Original 2 CD artwork plus original cassette artwork

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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