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Here's another great one:

KISS, Setting Utrecht on Fire

6 november 1997
Utrecht Holland
Prins van Oranje Hal

Disk 1

- Intro-Deuce
- King of the nighttime world
- Let me go, rock 'n roll
- Do you love me
- Firehouse
- Watching you
- Shock me
- Ace guitar Preludium
- Calling doctor love
- Shout it out loud
- Love gun
- Cold gin
- i was made for loving you

Disk 2

- Gene's flying bass solo
- God of thunder
- Peter's drum solo
- God of thunder part 2
- New york groove
- 100.000 years
- Paul stanley's guitar intro
- Black diamond
- Detroit rock city
- Beth
- Rock 'n roll all night

bonus tracks:
- Strutter
- Detroit rock city
- Goin' blind
- Give it to you easy
- Ring ding do
- I stole your love
- Larger than life
- Rockin' in the usa

I'll put up disk 2 as soon as i made the upload (could take a couple of days though, quite bussy).

Have a little request too, i'm looking for the 1999 show in Utrecht. So if any of you guys have it ==> please upload. :Sylvia:

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Very cool show, thank you very much. one thing, though, a couple of those bonus tracks aren't even KISS. "Give it To Ya Easy" is by a band called Tattoo (that had Wally Bryson from the Raspberries) and Ring Ding Do is by "Jumpin'" Gene Simmons, a rockabilly singer from the 50's. Some ppl also say that Ring Ding Do is by Sam the Sham and the Pharos (Wooly Bully). But its definitly not OUR Gene Simmons. Sorry

thanks for the cool show
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