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KISS ~ Through the Ages Vol.2

Sorry............No Cover for this one.

Download here:

Editors Note:

Tape #451 Through the Ages Compilation #2 Includes,Awsome pro shot footage
from the Pine Knob show in Detroit on the farewell tour.The songs include
Detroit Rock City,most of Let Me Go Rock 'n Roll,2000 man w/guitar solo,God of
Thunder,part of 100,000 years,Love Gun,most of Black Diamond,Beth,and Rock n Roll
All Nite.This is great footage with perfect soundboard audio.The only flaw is during Rock n Roll All Nite,the picture jumps around.This is a very cool taste of this show.PLUS! There are four news reports from
Australia that contain interviews all on the farewell tour when it was down under.PLUS! the same 8mm
footage from 1973-74 that is on tape #430,only this has dubbed in soundboard audio that fits great with
the images.You really can hardly tell that the audio has been dubbed in.PLUS! There is a slightly upgraded version of the band's performance at the closing ceremonies at the winter olympics.PLUS! 8mm footage from
friday,May 19th,1978 from Valencia, CA at the magic Mountain amusement park! This is silent footage from
the concert that was played,to be taped for KISS Meets the Phantom.The quality is not too great at all.
But it's coo, to have anyway.PLUS! the band lip syncing I Love It Loud,Lick it Up and heaven's on Fire
on Veronica's Countdown during the over seas portion of the Animalize tour.This is an upgraded clip
in comparison to the version that appears on tape #280.Loast on here is footage of a club gig from Asbury
Park,NJ right before the Hot in the Shade arena tour took place.It's shot with one camera and the picture
quality is a bit grainy,not bad though.It has nice audio and some real good close-ups.They do
I Stole Your Love,Deuce,Heaven's on Fire,Fits Like a Glove(Gene forgets the words to Fits like a Glove and
Paul winds up singing the first verse),they also do Rise To It,Betrayed,and c'mon and Love me.
This is a very cool tape!-
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