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London, UK
Wembley Arena

Recording: AUD
Format: Pal
Quality: 8-9
Menu: YES
Comments: 2 Disc Jeancoverdesign Multicam Version.
This DVD is compiled of 5 main sources: 1ofthehighlyhonoured, bootmastergeneral, Vriesdich, mwombwell & myheadache2112.
Because none of these sources were complete I included snippets from: MattyB191, sarcoale, witstar74, slaughtersevenfold, acebasement, GotsomePearlJam, sezzles, M4RKTREG, fabiokidsix, prj1227.

Download Here

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Setlist Disc 1:

Modern Day Delilah
Cold Gin
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
Say Yeah
Crazy Crazy Nights
Calling Dr. Love
Shock Me
Solo Tommy Eric
I'm An Animal
100,000 Years

Setlist Disc 2:

Solo Gene
I Love It loud
Love Gun
Solo Paul
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
Lick It Up
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You
God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
Rock And Roll All Nite

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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