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Our kldguitar18 amplifiers are built using point-to-point wiring utilizing eye let board construction for service and reliability. High-quality tubes, coupling capacitors and resistors are selected for maximum tone, performance and reliability.
It based on the original Marshall 18 designs , The kldguitar 18 uses a pair or EL-84 output tubes, 3 12AX7 preamps. It is a Cathode Bias, Class AB all-tube design. Original spec power and output transformers are used exclusively. This amp is great for reproducing the tones of the early Marshall years. Otherwise we add Pentode (18 watts) or Triode( 9 1/2 watts) switch . you can play in gigs and studio easy. The out put, we add DI out for recording.
1. Power : 18w RMS
2. 3x12ax7, 2xEL 84
3. Point-to-point, all wires connected components are sliver cover wires.
4. Two Channels: Normal, Tremmelo : Hi-Lo input, Four controls: Intensity, speed, Tone, Volume.
5. Normal :Hi-lo Input, Three controls: Volume, Bias, Tone.
6. Output, 4 ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm , XLR.
OEM and ODM welcome
Assembly kits are provided,
Please use kldguitar in google you can know more about us, please contact with us directly so we can feedback in time.
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