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Unfortunately a few things have come up so she's gotta go.
Ive had offers around $900-$1000 but no ones has committed to it so here we go. $900 US, must be payed with Paypal. Bear in mind that Im in Australia so factor in freight. To the USA should be around $80US. All I ask is dont F**K me around. If you cant afford it, dont commit to buying it.
I dont want to get into a bidding war, if you want it and its in your budget and you can pay straight away, let me know [email protected]
Ill put it on hold till the funds have cleared then its marked as SOLD.
Here is a description from the last post....

This guitar is BRAND NEW. Everything was purchased or built less that 4 months ago.
She's built with the best of everything,
- Seymour Duncan Custom Humbucker
- Original Floyd Rose and R2 nut
- Schaller Straplocks
- Schaller Machine Heads
- Flame maple hand rubbed Banana Headstock neck with the correct profile headstock and Med Jumbo Frets
- EVH Art Series 5150 logo on the rear of the headstock. (my own artwork...........its amazing how things get spread around the net)
- EVH D-Tuna
- Correct Switchcraft Jacksocket
- 2 Part polyurithane paint job , fully clearcoated
- Correct 5150 Space Tape decals

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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