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1987-04-12-Buffalo NY (Tralfamadore)

1987-04-12-Buffalo NY

Driving Wheel - Billy Swan
Swimming in the Water Down at the Creek - Billy Swan
I Carry Your Love Around with Me - Billy Swan
I Can Help - Billy Swan
Me and Bobby McGee.
You Show Me Yours
How Do You Feel About Fooling Around
They Killed Him
Shipwrecked in the Eighties
Jesus Was a Capricorn
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Burdon of Freedom
What About Me
Love of Money
El Aguila del Norte
Loving Her Was Easier
Good Morning John
-band intro-
Mean Old Man
The Heart
To Beat the Devil
Best of All Possible Worlds
Anthem 84
Love is the Way
The Hero
For the Good Times
Sunday morning Coming Down
The Silvertoungued Devil and I
The Pilgrim ch 33
Eagle and the Bear
Why Me.
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