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1993-03-02 Hamburg (Fabrik)

Help Me Make It Through the Night
Shipwrecked in the Eighties
Me and Bobby McGee
Casey's Last Ride
Best of All Possible Worlds
The Water (Danny Timms)
Slouching Toward the Millenium
Anthem 84
Without Love It Don't Mean a Thing - Danny Timms
Johnny Lobo
They Killed Him
Jody and the Kid
Between Heaven and Here
Don't take it So Hard - Danny Timms
Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
Worth Fighting For
El Gavilan (The Hawk)
With One More Roll of the Dice - Danny Timms
Jesus Was a Capricorn
The Law Is for Protection of the People
Don't Let the Bastards (Get You Down)
New Game - Danny Timms
The Hero
The Promise
For the Good Times
Sunday Morning Coming Down - Silver toungued Devil and Me - Pilgrim ch 33
Why Me
This Old Road
To Beat the Devil
Road Warrior's Lament
Let the Walls Come Down
Me and Bobby McGee.

1993-03-02 Hamburg (Fabrik).zip
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