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Artist: Kurt Cobain
Date: 11/??/69
Location: Aunt Mary Earl's House, ???, WA, US

1. Gibberish (2:12)
2. Talking to Dad (1:09)
> Impersonation of car repair customer
3. Counting to 10 (0:49)
> Monkees Theme Tune
4. Talking (3:27)
> Hey Jude (The Beatles)
> Talking to Boddah

Additional Information: Recorded on a 'Reel To Reel' (Sony 606) tape player

This rather peculiar tape was made by Kurt's aunt, Mary Earl.
It contains a 2 year old Cobain talking into the tape player, with the family listening to him in the background.
The reverb function is pushed on at one stage, where you can hear Kurt refer to "Boddah"
(he thinks it's Boddah talking, when it's fact his own voice being bounced back to him), his childhood imaginary friend
and the same person as to whom his suicide note was addressed to.
Contains a funny impersonation of a car repair customer (his Dad worked at a garage) and other amusing comments.

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