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Kldguitar pay attention to develop tube guitar amps many years. The products include all tube guitar amps effect pedal, musical apparel etc( All products based on classical circuit and use high quality components such polypropylene and polystyrene cap. So kldguitar amp and effect pedal have good sound.
At same time kldguitar provide assembly of kits of amp and pedal to the customers who want modify our kits self or want save money in shipment. The assembly of kits are installed on chassis with PT and OPT. It does not include the wood case so the cost of shipment is reduced. Customers can only buy assemble kits of tube amp without Chinese tube, and assemble tubes according to their interesting.
Now, Kldguitar give most larger discount to 5w Class A tube guitar amp kits GT5hk.The price of one set kits include cost of shipment only USD 92. The assemble included:
1. PCB with all components. It has passed through 24 hours testing before delivery.
2. Toroidal PT and OPT
3. 1.5mm thicken SECC chassis.
The feature of Kldguitar GT5hK
5watts (rms), 4,8 ohms out jack
One 6L6and one 12AX7
Out speaker jacks , 4,8 Ohm
Controls Pre- , Volume and Tone
Hi-Lo impedance input
Toroid power transform
DI output(XLR Out)
Single End Class A
Pentode/triode SW(3/5 W)
Precise parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V polypropylene film/foil and polyester military capacitors.
Otherwise some parts will be shipped together so you can change it when it broken.
You can pay money by paypal, It make your money safe. DHL or UPS will ship the amp within one week after you pay. The number of package will be informed to you. So you can track it at any time. Please watch our website and contact with us [email protected] feely. Come on. It is only USD 92
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