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I found two interesting free programs for guitarist that aid in ear training and fret board note memorization that I wanted to pass along. I’ve been playing around with them when my fingers get to sore to play. The tools won’t be much use to anyone but us beginners.

Functional Ear Trainer

Fret board warrior and chord warrior

Also, I’m trying to get my mind around some of the theory behind scales and worked out a graphical view of the minor pentatonic scale. I hope it’s correct. Does anyone have tab that would help me waddle up and down the fret board using the entire blues, pentatonic or major scales from nut to fret 12 and back again?

Thank you,





i was to young to have an intrest in learning the fretborad when i started lessons..just wish i didnt get bogged down with theory and just played by ear...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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