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Led Zeppelin
1969.08.31 (AUG 31, 1969)
Lewisville, Texas US
Dallas International Motor Speedway
Texas International Pop Festival

Soundboard Recording
"Texas International Pop Festival" - Liquid Led (LLP-0109-003)

Lineage: Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC

3hrs. Additional Lineage: FLAC > TLH > Tested for SBE's > FLAC Level 8
Tracks re-named by 3hrs, and new FFP/MD5 files created.

Disc 1
101 - The Train Kept-A-Rollin'
102 - I Can't Quit You Baby
103 - Dazed and Confused
104 - You Shook Me
105 - How Many More Times
106 - Communication Breakdown

Artwork, FLAC fingerprint, and MD5 verification files are included.
An excellent show, perfectly consolidating all of the great playing that this tour had produced, from the powerful opener to the extended end of show medley, complete with Plant doing his best adlibs yet. An easy choice for one of the very best shows of the year. As if the performance wasn't enough, a superb soundboard, as well as a near-excellent audience sources circulate for this show. Plant mentioned about the cancelled August 4th concert: "It's very nice to be back in Texas. Last time we were here it was a near disaster when we said we weren't doing the festival and everything. This is the last date before we go back to England, so we'd really like to have a nice time ... And you can help us." Plant also apologised for cutting the set short: "We've got to say goodnight according to the programme. Unfortunately, the programme has got a little delayed but there's nothing we can do about it!" Pages amps act up during a few spots in the show, producing brief crackling sounds, as if his guitar cable or a connection somewhere was coming loose. Although not at all a distraction for the listener, this makes for a funny moment during Dazed And Confused and How Many More Times, when Page's amps can be heard briefly picking up the sound of the festival security staff speaking on their radios.
-Argenteum Astrum

Enjoy, with Liquid Led's permisson.

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