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Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1969-11-05 (Early Show)
Location: Kansas City, KS
Venue: Solder's and Sailor's Memorial Hall
Source: audience
Lineage: Shure mic>Ampex C-60 cassette Master(Karl R.)>dat(0)(Charley C.)>pc>16/48 wav>16/44(adobe audition)>flac
Transferred by: weedwacker(Andy R.)

01. Good Times Bad Times Intro/Communication Breakdown
02. I Can't Quit You
03. Heartbreaker
04. Dazed And Confused
05. How Many More Times


There has been a lot of confusion about this particular recording and hopefully this release should clear it up once and for all. There has been questions of whether all circulating copies come from a 2nd gen tape or not. After some conversations with Charley he verified that all copies circulating were anywhere from 4th to 8th gen analog copies of the actual 2nd gen cassette. We also agreed it was time once and for all to set the record straight and put out a clean verified generation of this recording. Charley was gracious enough to lend me the actual 2nd gen cassette and a dat(0) copy he later received from the taper himself off the master cassette to transfer. After transferring both we decided the dat was the better sounding of the 2 transfers so here it is. This is a very good clear but mono sounding recording. Some very light mastering work was done to make this a better listen consisting of rebalancing the volume levels, fixing some minor dropouts and an attenuation of the volume level of some of the back ground hiss present on the master cassette. There was no processing done to the actual music itself and no lossy processing done period. What you have is how it sounds as it was transferred minus some of the hiss and the roller coaster volume fluctuations during some of the songs. Also of note there is no reel bump/pause present during the solo on Heartbreaker that is present on the 2nd gen cassette.

Charley deserves a big thanks for originally circulating this show and clearing up any ambiguities behind this recording by allowing me to transfer a known verified lineage low gen dat and upgrade for mass circulation. A big thanks also to Led Zeppelin and the original taper.

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