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Led Zeppelin
September 29th, 1971
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Complete Show - 198min 15sec

Title: Arigatou Osaka

Main - (Stage/SBD)
1.Various Vinyl sources from trades
2.(From Trade Labeled "Best ever") 2ndGen Tape source.

Patching (AUD)
3.(Labeled as AUD source 1)3rd gen (2 x TDK SA 90 & 60 cassette)>CDR(3)>FLAC>CDR
4.(Labeled as Source 3) Master>DAT>CDr

CD1T1 - Audience Cheer
CD1T2 - Immigrant Song
CD1T3 - Heartbreaker
CD1T4 - Since I've Been Loving You
CD1T5 - Black Dog
CD1T6 - Dazed And Confused
CD2T1 - Stairway To Heaven
CD2T2 - Celebration Day
CD2T3 - That's The Way
CD2T4 - Going To California
CD2T5 - Tangerine
CD2T6 - Friends
CD2T7 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
CD2T8 - What Is And What Should Never Be
CD2T9 - Moby Dick
CD3T1 - Whole Lotta Love
CD3T2 - Communication Breakdown
CD3T3 - Organ Solo
CD3T4 - Thank You
CD3T5 - Rock and Roll

Remaster Notes: Hardest show I ever worked on. Used the best possible audio for each song.
Each of the Stage/SBD sources ran at different Sound/Pitch/Speed. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, a BIG THANK YOU to Blackmikito, He really helped me get it right!
Sound: This is more of a Restoration than a Remaster, So I decided to try and give each source tonal balance and clarity.
It seemed the less I did the better it sounded. If your looking for a beefed up in your face version this isn't it, I would recommend Wendy's Fatally Wanderer instead.
Also would like to thank Pernod for his help early on.
So.. Is it Perfect? NOPE. But its the best I could do.

Remastering is just a hobby. Download and Enjoy or Pass on it. The choice is yours. This version is never meant to be definitive.
Please DO NOT Sell.
*Artwork is included

Winston Remasters - 2015

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