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Led Zeppelin
September 29th, 1971
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
Complete Show

Title: Kutabare Moonchild

Main - 1.EVSD Soundboard
2.Live in Japan 1976 2nd Pressing LP
3.Strange Tales from the Road LP
4.Mad Dog Bootleg "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
5.T2k Mr. Peach source
6.(Labeled as AUD source 4)3rd gen (2 x TDK SA 90 & 60 cassette)>CDR(3)>FLAC>CDR
7.NightHawk Stage Source
8.WR Arigatou Osaka - GTC & all in-between Plantations.

Setlist & Source info:
CD1T1 - Audience Cheer / Tune Up - Peach Source
CD1T2 - Immigrant Song - EVSD SBD
CD1T3 - Heartbreaker - EVSD SBD
CD1T4 - Since I've Been Loving You - EVSD SBD
CD1T5 - Black Dog - Strange Tales From the Road LP (Peach AUD Patch)
CD1T6 - Dazed And Confused - EVSD SBD (Nighthawk Stage / Peach AUD Patch)
CD2T1 - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD
CD2T2 - Celebration Day - Live in Japan 1976 LP
CD2T3 - That's The Way - Strange Tales From the Road LP (Peach AUD Patch)
CD2T4 - Going To California - WR Arigatou Osaka
CD2T5 - Tangerine - Live in Japan 1976 LP
CD2T6 - Friends - EVSD SBD
CD2T7 - What Is And What Should Never Be - EVSD SBD
CD2T8 - Moby Dick - EVSD SBD (AUD Src 4 / Live in Japan 1976 LP Patch)
CD3T1 - Whole Lotta Love - Mad Dog Title "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" patched with (AUD Src 4) & Live in Japan 1976
CD3T2 - Communication Breakdown - EVSD SBD
CD3T3 - Organ Solo - Live in Japan 1976 LP
CD3T4 - Thank You - Live in Japan 1976 LP (Nighthawk Stage Patch)
CD3T5 - Rock and Roll - EVSD SBD

So why Mad Dogs Bootleg version of Whole Lotta Love? IMO the first 26 mins are the best part of the show and sadly the worst audio of the "Stage Source". I considered reducing the "Sizzle" on Arigatou Version, but was talked out of it, I considered using Wendy's version, which suffers from way overdone noise reduction, and was talked out of it. Then I considered patching the Mad Dogs mono version, which is clean sounding but Plant is really buried in spots.
The Mad Dogs Idea got thumbs up from everybody. Until EVSD releases WLL in SBD, this track will always be one of tradeoffs.

Remaster Notes: This version was remastered and constructed from IMO the best available sources. LP sources are from my own Hi-Res vinyl rips(Technics SL 1300 MK1>Nagaoka MP-200>Budgie Tube AMP-Gold Lion 6922>Steinberg UR22 MKII)
Only audio used from my previous remaster is Going to California & In-between song Plantations. Otherwise everything else IMO are upgrades.
Had lots of help with people listening and giving feedback. I thank you all !!

I included CD cue sheets. Easiest way to make CD's .. Put main folder on your C drive. Convert files to WAV, burn them using the free program ImgBurn using the CUE Sheets.

Remastering is just a hobby. Download and Enjoy or Pass on it. The choice is yours. This version is never meant to be definitive.
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Winston Remasters - 2018

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