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Led Zeppelin
Seattle Coliseum Center
Seattle, WA
19th June 1972
'Dancing again' EVSD 2006

Disc 1:

Immigrant song
Black Dog
The Ocean
Since ive been loving you
Stairway to heaven
Going to California
Black country woman
That's the way

Disc 2:

Dazed and confused
What is and what should never be
Dancing days
Moby Dick

Disc 3:

Whole lotta love - medley includes Boogie woogie, lets have a party, hello mary loo)
Rock and Roll
Organ solo - includes Thank you
Over the hills and far away
Dancing days (reprise)

Audience recording

SILVERS > EAC(test and copy) > WAV > FLAC (dbpoweramp FLAC medium compression)

Here you have it people, another liberated zep show for the community!. 'Dancing again' 2006 EVSD release. This is my first ever torrent. The only thing i request is that you DO NOT SELL. please pass copies on to your friends, help spread this quickly and freely!!!. on the cover the track listing for disc 2 has dancing days missing but it is actually present as above. sorry people no artwork, it is a long case and i dont have a scanner. im sure it will pop up on zeppelinart in the near future.



Artwork has been added to the folder.
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