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Hunter19877 is on the hunt for new sources for his mixing/mastering projects this is another of those he had requested.

Led Zeppelin
"Diamond Dust"
San Diego, Ca.
Sports Arena

This is a re-master of the EVSD release "Conspiracy Theory"

Original Lineage: Silvers>EAC>Flac
Added Lineage: Wav>Sound Forge>Audacity>Flac

This show finds the band in decent form. The playing is overall solid and the sound is excellent. On EVSD's release the sound in general is pretty good, but it suffers from some high end distortion. I was able to minimize this as well as add in some needed bottom end. There is still a little high end distortion, but it is not nearly what it was on the original. I also opened up the sound field to increase the stereo effect giving the sound a bit more depth. I smoothed out the transitions between No Quarter and Trampled as well as between Moby Dick and Dazed. I slightly adjusted several of the transitions between songs to better flow with the concert. Overall the sound is now more balanced, has a better represented bottom end and has a bit more depth to it. This show is not perhaps of the same amazing playing quality of the shows done around it, but it still sparkles some. Thus the title.
I hope you will enjoy it!


Set List:
01)Rock n' Roll 4:07
02)Sick Again 6:12
03)Over The Hills And Far Away 7:52
04)In My Time Of Dying 12:25
05)The Song Remains The Same 5:50
06)The Rain Song 8:41
07)Kashmir 9:03
08)No Quarter 31:30
09)Trampled Underfoot 8:09
10)Moby Dick 25:09
11)Dazed And Confused 33:25
12)Stairway To Heaven 12:33
13)Heartbreaker 9:03

Thanks to EVSD for the original "Conspiracy Theory" release...
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