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Hunter19877 is on the hunt for new sources for his mixing/mastering projects this is another of those he had requested.

Band: Led Zeppelin
Venue: Earl's Court
Date: May 24, 1975
Label: Celebration
Source: SBD>Silvers>EAC>WAV> FLAC
Artwork Included

Disc 1
1 Introduction
2 Rock and Roll
3 Sick Again
4 Over The Hills And Far Away
5 In My Time of Dying
6 The Song Remains the Same
7 The Rain Song
8 Kashmir

Disc 2
1 No Quarter
2 Tangerine
3 Going to California (Cut at beginning of song)
4That's The Way (Intro Cut)
5 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 3
1 Trampled Underfoot
2 Moby Dick
3 Dazed and Confused

Disc 4
1 Stairway To Heaven
2 Whole Lotta Love
3 Black Dog

Excellent soundboard recording at the pinncale of Led Zeppelin's live shows. Of note, this is the second to last show (May 25th was the last) in which Dazed and Confused is performed live. Also, one of their longest shows clocking in at over 3 1/2 hours.

8ebd5fda95d7b13d9ca466dd0a4e830f *Disc 1\Track01.flac
966a32ddb54265698fa8b8e59d3edc30 *Disc 1\Track02.flac
d67c07c2edd3eb3db84c04a5b5a2fa55 *Disc 1\Track03.flac
3a68faf2c8cacefae338156d93f5f6c7 *Disc 1\Track04.flac
dd18e35b11e779b3ac530df7005f514d *Disc 1\Track05.flac
8957978f3adcc3271cf3cfce8d98b467 *Disc 1\Track06.flac
209ede2cd99a8109a805ac97f7b888aa *Disc 1\Track07.flac
9ec2ee5e67eeb119c53e25a1cb918e97 *Disc 1\Track08.flac
bac96366e7647ca3a1fea70f449a7b6d *Disc 2\Track01.flac
4193f70b0674ecd289abd5292567fe91 *Disc 2\Track02.flac
38d207d8c21f2269c5c6bc1e9af9cf8c *Disc 2\Track03.flac
e064abed43984bb6d3daa3a08603ff3d *Disc 2\Track04.flac
f8e2a083c86628a91accb6f336088f77 *Disc 2\Track05.flac
234731118395d91e72f9adb7b4d187a9 *Disc 3\Track01.flac
0f0982bebdba05307f36b93d15fbcaa0 *Disc 3\Track02.flac
03009704ba58224d9584fa4f2ad8ecb1 *Disc 3\Track03.flac
0fdc40f249412fec7fca10324e9d06dd *Disc 4\Track01.flac
5610a86dfda38e41f74e02338140706f *Disc 4\Track02.flac
1662294c2a83d64a3a1eefe18e4dac37 *Disc 4\Track03.flac

No errors occured.
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