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Led Zeppelin - 16/03/1969 - Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

Notes by the original poster:

First of all, YES, this is different from what I posted a couple weeks back.

That was a bootleg source, this is a known gen source. The Beelzebub release sounds nice but has had digital noise reduction applied, which can be heard by the trained ear. This is untampered. Maximum props to user Javit1972 for supplying this source.

Soundboard Reel Master>Pre-Broadcast FM Master>DAT(1)>CDR(1)>EAC>WAV>FLAC

1. I Can't Quit You
2. I Gotta Move
3. Dazed and Confused
4. How Many More Times

Javit1972's details: First of all, this show was not broadcast live as it was happening. It was broadcast some days after the original show taking place, and as of yet, the date of the original broadcast is unknown. The radio station secured the rights to broadcast only a part of the show from Peter Grant, who thus gave them what we have today; copied from Jimmy's master reel. From there the Pre-Broadcast reel resided in radio archives until relatively recently. Around 1992 it was transferred to DAT and from there to my CDR which I EACed to WAV and encoded to FLAC with FLAC frontend.

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